Equipment catalog

Equipment catalog introduction


Equipment catalog introduction

The first step for the MP implementation is to generate a catalog where the equipment whose maintenance you want to control are registered.

Once the equipment is registered, the MP allows you to consult and keep updated all the equipment information, such as:

  • Technical data
  • Location
  • Photographs, diagrams, plans
  • Technical specifications
  • Provider data
  • Attached documents such as operation and maintenance manuals
  • Maintenance schedule
  • Measurements and readings tracking
  • Work orders
  • Spare parts
  • Maintenance costs
  • Maintenance history
  • Failure history
  • Consumption history
  • Spare parts history
  • And many more

To enter the equipment module and display the catalog, select Equipment in the MP Main Menu. Here you can add new equipment, modify and / or cancel an existing one.

Equipment catalog view

The MP allows you order, filter and group information in a large number of different ways, either for a query or for a printed report, allowing you to quickly locate an equipment or a group of them, regardless the size of your database. Once the information is organized the information, you can look it at the screen and send it to print.

Equipment information panel

By pressing the desired icon in the Information panel, it display a window showing all the information of the selected equipment. This is an easy and quick way to consult all the data of a specific equipment.

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