Catalog of labor

To start registering workers in the system, enter the module of Workforce of the MP. The information cards corresponding to each maintenance worker will be displayed on the screen. To add a new worker press the tool Add found on the toolbar. A window will open to capture the information of the new item along with attached images and files.

Once you have the maintenance personnel record, you can edit or delete the information with the tools found on the toolbar.

Recording the worker's classification can later facilitate the assignment of maintenance activities when creating work orders.

Labor cost record

The MP allows you to record the cost of labor for the maintenance department. The labor cost is entered manually through the total monthly cost of the department, that is, the total personnel payroll is entered. In this way, the cost of labor is accurately calculated, obtaining better reports and cost analysis.

To enter the cost of labor, enter the module of Workforce, then enter the submenu and select the action of Monthly labor cost. A window with a mesh will open to capture the monthly labor cost.

Labor cost analysis vs. used spare parts and external services

Graphically the costs recorded in the previous table will be reflected in the cost analysis graph.

In the previous graph we can see a comparison of monthly costs of spare parts and materials used in maintenance, external service costs and labor.

The monthly costs of spare parts and materials used, as well as external services, are obtained as a result of the resource consumption log. The monthly labor costs are obtained from the table "Workforce cost".

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