Link spare parts inventory and tool control databases to PM

Maintenance personnel need to check the stock and characteristics of spare parts and tools necessary to carry out maintenance work. The connection between the MP program and the spare parts inventory and tool control programs allows information to be shared between these two applications and the MP to: create vouchers, record consumptions, generate resource flows, consult spare parts information and consumables and check the availability of tools.

See steps to link the PM databases with a spare parts inventory warehouse.
See steps to link the PM databases with a tool control store.

Consultation of spare parts and tools from the MP

Once the link between the spare parts inventory and the PM or the link between tool control and the PM has been established, the query for spare parts or tools is done by entering the spare parts module from the PM menu, or the tools module. The module will show all the spare parts, or tools where appropriate, that are in the warehouse with the most relevant information, including: updated stock, availability, characteristics, images, assignment to equipment, etc.

Use the screens to search and filter the information to easily find the necessary parts or tools.

It is recommended to consult spare parts and tools before starting maintenance work, thus avoiding the setback of starting maintenance work and not having the necessary resources in the warehouse.

Associate spare parts and / or tools to equipment

The association of spare parts and tools to the equipment allows documenting the equipment's own spare parts and tools determined for said equipment.

This option is useful for documenting spare parts for a piece of equipment that are not necessarily used or require change in the performance of routine activities, but which are nevertheless convenient to have documented.

By documenting the spare parts, you will be able to quickly consult the spare parts that a team uses and conversely, the warehouseman from spare inventory will be able to consult the equipment that uses a specific spare part. The same will happen with the tools,

Use the information panel to check the spare parts and / or tools associated with a piece of equipment

We recommend seeing also Scheduled Resources as a second alternative to associate spare parts to equipment.

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