Add a location / property

To register a new location, press Add on toolbar. A screen will open with the capture fields and additional information for the location that you want to add to your catalog.

Add another location / property the same

This tool is very useful when you need to capture several locations with similar characteristics.

Edit a location / property

To modify the information of a Location / Property select it and press the tool Edit.

Complementary information on locations / properties

Location / Property Cost Center

This field allows assigning a cost center to which all the maintenance costs of the Location / Property will be charged.

When editing a Location / Property, the cost center is selected from a list contained in an auxiliary catalog of cost centers. If it is not yet registered, you can add it to the auxiliary catalog of cost centers at that moment, without having to leave the editing screen, using the tool Add to catalog located to the right of the field.

To edit or delete cost centers from the auxiliary catalog, it is necessary to go to the module of Auxiliary catalogs from the Main menu.

This will allow generating graphical queries on maintenance costs grouped by cost center.

Images, attachments and location / property notes

The MP allows you to complete the information of the locations / properties with images, attachments and notes, making this information available for quick consultation.

The images allow documenting the location information with photographs, floor plans, architectural plans, electrical and hydraulic diagrams, etc.

Whether it is images and attachments associated with equipment, a location, a maintenance activity, a warranty, an image associated with an OT, spare part, etc. the association and administration process is the same throughout the program. To learn more about it see auxiliary image catalog and auxiliary catalog of attachments.

Delete a Location / Property

To remove a Location / Property from the catalog of locations / properties, select it and press the tool Eliminate. If there are equipment linked to that location, before deleting the location we recommend relocating them.

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