Use the database of examples to practice and learn about PM

When installing the program (FULL Installation), a database of examples including the Firebird database engine was installed on your local computer or PC, which will allow you to quickly start navigating the program and familiarize yourself with it.

Access to this database of examples is immediate after the installation and activation of your license and since it is located on your local computer, you do not need to know the program or programs to start by creating a new database, making connections to a database on the network, etc.

On this database you can make changes, add equipment, add spare parts, etc. etc. thus facilitating learning.

Once you decide to start the implementation, you must create a new database where you will start loading your information, or if you are already a user of a previous version, you can migrate your information to version 10.

In the case of having contracted the MPhosting service, the database of examples is preloaded on the server that the MPsoftware team prepared for you.

When running any of the MP version 10, Spare Parts Inventory or Tool Control programs; select the option "Start using a database of samples".

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