The database uses examples to practice and learn the system of maintenance

When you install the program (FULL Installation), is installed in your computer or on a local PC, a database of examples, including the engine Firebird databases that will allow you to start navigating through the program and become familiar with it quickly.

The access to this database of examples is immediately after the installation and activation of your license and given that it is located on your local computer, you don't need to know the programs start by creating a new database, make connections to a database on the network, etc..

About this database you will be able to make changes, add equipment, add parts, etc., making the learning process.

Once you decide to initiate the deployment, you will need to create a new database where you will upload your information, or if you are already a user of a previous version, you can migrate your information over to the new version.

In the case of having contracted the Hosting service, the database of examples is preloaded on the server that the Support team has prepared for you.

When you run any of the programs MP version 10, spare-parts Inventory Control or tools; select the option to “Start using a database of examples.”

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