Introduction to Tool Control

Introduction to tool control


What is Tool Control?

The program Tool Control allows you to manage receipts and returns of all tools delivered to workers. The program allows, among other things, to consult online who has or where is each of the tools. Before proceeding to carry out maintenance work, from the MP the user will be able to check the availability or stocks in the warehouse of the tools that will be used to carry out the tasks entrusted.

With this practical software you will be able to keep organized and up-to-date all the information regarding the tools, devices or instruments that each employee has in storage.

The Professional and Business MP include the Tool Control program that allows:

  • Fully document your tools
  • Make tool transfers between tool magazines
  • Check the stock of a tool in each of the warehouses
  • Generate entry and exit movements to the tool magazine
  • Make movements of guards and returns of tools
  • Control stocks in the warehouse and in safekeeping
  • Form of tool packages
  • And many more

Tool Control Database

As in the case of the MP Maintenance Management program, you will require a database to store all your information regarding your company's tools.

When installing the program (FULL Installation), a database of examples including the Firebird database engine was installed on your local computer or PC, which will allow you to quickly start navigating the program and familiarize yourself with it.

Access to this database of examples is immediate after the installation and activation of your license and since it is located on your local computer, you do not need to know the program or programs to start by creating a new database, making connections to a database on the network, etc.

On this database you can make changes, add tools, make movements of inputs and outputs of tools, etc. etc. thus facilitating your learning.

Once you decide to start the Tool Control implementation, you must create a new database where you will start to load your information, or if you are already a user of a previous version, you can migrate your information to version 10.

In the case of having contracted the MPhosting service, the database of examples is preloaded on the server that the MPsoftware team prepared for you.

For more information on connectivity options What Tool Control offers, how create a new database o information migration from MP version 9 to version 10, we recommend you go to the topic of Databases, since the procedure to create a Tool Control database is basically the same as when you create a database of any of the MP applications.

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