Introduction to the location and equipment tree

The location and equipment tree is a tree diagram that represents in a simple way the location of each of the equipment and properties registered in the MP. It is even possible to identify which are the father and son equipmentd, as well as those that do not have a fixed location. Within the tree of locations and equipment it is possible to consult their distribution in your plant, as well as edit the location of the equipment and locations at will.

Relate equipment to its physical location

In the Locations / Properties Submenu and in the equipment submenu you will find an action called Asset localization tree It provides an overview of your plant and the location of your equipment in different areas. From there you can easily relocate your equipment and move locations.

Because an equipment can be part of a larger one, establishing a dependency between the father and son equipment, where the son automatically adopts the location of its father, this dependency will also be displayed in the mentioned module and from there we can relocate the equipment and their locations easily.

Note: When editing an equipment in the Equipment module, we can relate it to its corresponding location, thus documenting the location of each one of the equipments.

Equipment without fixed location

Sometimes there are equipment that by their nature cannot be assigned a fixed location, for example cars.
For this, it is possible to assign the status "No fixed location" and it will not be necessary to assign them a location within the company.

Location history

The location is part of the information of an equipment and is subject to modification or editionwhen we physically move or transfer equipment to a different location. When this happens, the MP saves a history that allows us to consult chronologically the different locations where an equipment has been located. 

Select a team in the Module Equipment and under the action of the Histories submenu select Location History.

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