Introduction to the tree of locations and equipment

The tree of locations and equipment is a tree diagram that represents the easy way the location of each of the teams and immovable property registered in the MP. It is even possible to identify which teams are father and son, as well as those who do not have a fixed location. Within the tree of locations and equipment, it is possible to consult the distribution of equipment in your plant, as well as edit the location of the equipment and locations at will.

Relate teams up with his physical location

In the Submenu of Locations/real Estate and in the submenu of equipment you will find an action called Tree of locations and equipment it provides an overview of his plant and the location of their computers in different areas. From there you will be able to relocate their equipment and move locations with a lot of ease.

Because a computer can be a part of a larger team establishing a dependency between team dad and team child, where the child automatically adopts the location of your team, father, this dependence is also displayed in the module mentioned, and from it we will be able to relocate the equipment and locations easily.

Note: When you edit a team in the assets module, we can relate that to the team with your location corresponding, leaving this documented the location of each of the teams.

Teams without a fixed location

Sometimes there are equipment that by its nature cannot be assigned a fixed location, for example cars.
For this purpose it is possible to assign the status of “No fixed location” and it will not be necessary to assign a location within the company.

A history of locations

The location is part of the information of a computer and is subject to change or edition when we move or pass a computer physically to a different location. When this happens, it is saved to a history that allows us to view in chronological order the different locations in which it has been located to a computer.

Select a team in the Module Equipment and under the action of the submenu History select History of Locations.

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