Resource catalogs

Introduction to resources

A fundamental part of maintenance management is the control of spare parts, consumables, labor, external services and necessary tools to carry out maintenance work.

The Professional and Business MP include the Spare Parts Inventory program that allows you to control the stock of consumables and spare parts, entry and exit movements, issue vouchers, calculate supply, etc. From the MP it is possible to connect the inventory databases to make inquiries, generate warehouse vouchers and record consumptions of spare parts.

The Professional and Business MP also includes the Tool Control program that allows to control the safeguards and returns of the tools delivered to the workers. From the MP it will be possible to consult the stock of tools necessary to carry out a job.

In the Workforce Catalog is recorded the information on the internal personnel involved in maintenance activities, and in the Suppliers and Services Catalog ypou can find the external service providers with the offered services by each one of them.

To control the resources, it is necessary to create a catalog of each of the previously mentioned. Catalogs for external labor and services are created in the MP; the spare parts catalog, in the Parts Inventory program and the tools catalog, in the Tool Control program.

The information recorded in the resource catalogs makes it possible to document the spare parts used by each piece of equipment and the resources required to carry out the different maintenance activities. By recording the consumption of spare parts, consumables, labor, external services and tools, it is possible to make inquiries about the resources used in each piece of equipment and analyze maintenance costs.

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