Add a maintenance plan

Before going into maintenance plan editing, we highly recommend that you have visited and understood the basic principles of a maintenance plan which are explained in Introduction to maintenance plans

Watch video: Add and edit a maintenance plan

To register a maintenance plan, press Add on toolbar. A window will open where you must assign a name to the new maintenance plan.
Since several computers can be linked to the same maintenance plan, it is recommended that the name of the plan be a generic type name.


Parts and activities of the plan

The next step will be to define the parts and routine maintenance activities that must be carried out for each one of these parts.

In the same window, the first tab shows a list with the parts and activities of the plan. If you have not yet registered parts and activities, it will appear without information. Use the tool Edit parts and activities to add or edit parts and activities of the plan.

To learn more about the Edition of parts and activities, and to have an explanation of the complementary information of the maintenance plans Press here.

Plan Notes and Attachments

If it is necessary to integrate notes and attachments to the plan, it will be possible to add them in this same window in the corresponding tabs Plan Notes y Plan Attachments.

Add another same maintenance plan

In many occasions it is required to have different maintenance plans with small variations, for example in teams that perform the same type of work but that have some particular characteristics depending on their model, brand, etc. In these cases, the MP considers the possibility of duplicating a plan to make modifications to the copy, resulting in two similar plans with some variations and without having to re-capture the original plan. Select a plan in the plan catalog and click on the tool Add another equal to duplicate the selected plan.

Edit a maintenance plan

To modify the information of a maintenance plan, whether it is the name of the plan, its parties and activities, or, the plan notes and attachments; just select the maintenance plan and then click the button Edit in the toolbar.

Within the Edit maintenance plan window it will be possible to change the name of the selected plan, edit the parts and activities of the plan, as well as the notes and attachments linked to the complete plan; from the corresponding tab.

For example, to modify the parts or activities that make up the plan, select the tab "Parts and activities" and click on the tool Edit parts and activities. We can even Edit the selected activity or activities of the mesh.

Delete a maintenance plan

To remove a maintenance plan, select the plan and press the tool Eliminate.

A plan cannot be deleted while it has linked teams or locations. Therefore, before deleting a maintenance plan, you must unlink all the linked teams and locations through the action Detach routinary maintenance plan in the submenu of the equipment and location modules, respectively.

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