Introduction to the spare parts catalog

The first step in implementing the spare parts inventory is to create a catalog that contains all the spare parts that are handled in your warehouses.

Inside the module Spare parts and consumables All the information regarding spare parts can be documented and consulted:

  • Part description with up to 140 characters
  • Part number
  • Barcode
  • Unit (Piece, Box, Liters, Kilograms, etc.)
  • 1 classification
  • 2 classification
  • Technical Specifications
  • Images
  • Attachments (Technical specification sheets, installation manuals, characteristics, etc.)
  • Stocks in the different warehouses
  • Unit cost
  • Location in each warehouse
  • Levels for supply (minimum, maximum and optimum)
  • Computers that use or have used the replacement
  • Equivalent marks
  • Date of the last movement
  • Date of last purchase
  • Kardex of movements
  • Rotation
  • And many more

To enter the spare parts and consumables module select Spare parts and consumables at Main Menu of the spare parts inventory. The catalog is displayed on the screen. In this module you can add new spare parts, modify and cancel spare parts.

View of the spare parts catalog

The Parts Inventory application allows you to order, filter y Group information in a large number of different ways, either for a query or for the generation of a printed report, allowing you to quickly locate a part or a group of parts regardless of the size of your database. Once you organize the information, you can print what you are seeing on the screen.

Parts information panel (stock, value, specifications, images, etc.)

By pressing the icon corresponding to Information panel, a window is displayed showing the information of the selected part. The information panel is a quick and easy way to consult all the information regarding a specific part.

Spare parts catalog submenu

In the submenu of the Spare parts and consumables module, you will find all the possible actions to be carried out with the selected spare parts.

For example:

If you select one or more spare parts and then the action of the submenu "Warehouses and initial stocks", the program will show you the warehouses in which each selected spare part is active and from there you can edit the stocks and initial costs in their corresponding warehouse in the form of mesh.

Or, if you select the action "Inventory levels, procurement time and coverage calculation method" you can edit this information for all selected spare parts. In the same way, the program allows you, under this action, to calculate the rotation and inventory levels automatically based on the calculation method that you have determined for the selected spare parts.

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