Activities controlled by readings

In the editing a maintenance plan, we have seen that the user can indicate the frequency with which the activity should be performed based on time or readings. (Example, kilometers traveled, hours of use, units produced, number of ignitions, cycles, etc.).


When we decide to control an activity based on readings, then it is necessary to constantly monitor and update the equipment usage reading in the MP, understood as the value obtained from an odometer, a manufactured parts counter, or an hours-of-use counter, installed on the equipment, etc.

Average Estimated Monthly Use

Now, in order to schedule the dates of activities controlled by readings, the PM also needs the user to indicate an estimated average monthly use.


The estimated monthly average usage and the usage reading are first recorded when a piece of equipment is linked to a maintenance plan that contains activities controlled by readings. Subsequently, the MP will be able to automatically calculate the average monthly use based on the history of readings as they are recorded.

Automatic calculation of average monthly usage

As we have already mentioned, in equipment whose maintenance plan contains activities controlled by readings, the user must periodically capture in the MP the equipment usage reading, obtained from an odometer, hours-of-use counter, manufactured parts counter, etc. . After a while, the PM will have a history of usage readings that will allow us to automatically determine the estimated monthly average usage.

There are two ways to establish the estimated monthly use and this is done with the tool Edit average monthly usage which we can access through the action Usage readings from the submenu of the Equipment.

Automatic estimated monthly average usage.
The automatic mode allows the PM to constantly recalculate the monthly estimated usage based on the historical record of usage readings, automatically recalculating each time the user records a new usage reading.

Average manual estimated monthly use.
In manual mode, the user will be able to manually edit the estimated average monthly use, which will remain indefinite until its new edition. As support, the MP includes a button Calculate historical average that allows to obtain an average based on the historical record of readings of use in a period of time selected by the user.

Equipment alert with outdated readings

Due to the importance of constantly updating the readings of the equipment, the MP has an alert to remind the user to enter the readings into the system. This alert is visible from the information grid of the equipment catalog under the column "has readings" and also in the Alerts module of the main menu.

When entering the Alerts module we will find a list of the Equipment with outdated readings, from there we have the opportunity to select the equipment and update its reading at that time if we know the data.



Reading history

The history of readings recorded for one or more equipment can be consulted through the History submenu in the Equipment module. Remember to select equipment whose linked maintenance plan contains read-controlled activities. Use the filter tool to display the equipment that meet this condition.

In that same module, we will also find a bar graph that shows the variations in monthly use over time and we can easily compare whether it is above or below the marker of the estimated monthly usage.

Reset or replace counter, odometer, clock, hours of use counter, etc.

Devices that mark the use of an equipment may restart when reaching their maximum reading. As an example we can mention the odometer of a car that when reaching 99,999 km it automatically restarts and starts from zero.

In practice, it also happens that, for some reason, we need to replace the counter, either with a new one or a used one that already marks a reading.

Like the tool Update readings  or Edit the average monthly usage,the tool  Reset or replace countercan be executed by action  Usage readingsfrom the submenu of the  Equipment.

For the two previous cases (Reset or replacement of the counter), the reading that is physically observed in the equipment meter does not always correspond to the accumulated or real reading of the equipment.

When updating a reading, the operator records the reading that he observes on the meter. Possibly the operator is not even aware that the counter was reset or replaced some time ago. However, for maintenance control purposes, what we are interested is the accumulated reading, which is the actual reading of the equipment. For these counter reset or replacement situations, the MP considers the following expression:


As long as the counter is not reset or changed, the base reading will always be equal to zero and the counter reading will correspond to the accumulated or actual reading of the equipment. When the meter is reset or changed, we will have a base reading that added to the meter reading will give us the accumulated or real reading of the equipment.

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