Introduction to technicians and consultation version 10

The Technicians and Consultation v10 application was created for consultation-only users and technical users in charge of executing and providing feedback on maintenance work. From this application, Technical and Consultation Only users can:

User Query only Technical User
This type of user is suitable for people who enter the MP only to make inquiries.

  • Consult all the information regarding equipment and locations
  • Consult maintenance plans
  • Check maintenance schedules
  • Consult OT'S
  • Check alerts
  • Check histories
  • Check consumptions and spare parts assigned to each team
  • Check guarantees
  • Consult providers and services
  • Check availability of tools
  • Check upcoming maintenance plans
  • Check spare parts stock
The technical user is suitable for the technicians who execute and feed back maintenance work.

This type of user is also suitable for technicians taking readings and measurements of equipment.

  • Perform all user functions only query.
  • Mark the activities of the OT'S
  • Record equipment readings (eg, mileage, hours of use, etc.).
  • Record measurements (eg, temperature, amperage, wear, etc.).
  • Generate warehouse vouchers
  • Record consumption of used spare parts
  • Add observations in OT'S
  • Flag equipment that is out of service
  • Record time dedicated to the execution of each OT
  • Add pictures of how the team was doing before and after jobs

Note: The Técnicos y Consult v10 application does not require license activation as it is freely distributed and is compatible with basic, professional and business MP. In our licensing scheme, query-only users and technical users do not consume users of the use license.

Installation of technicians and consultation version 10

Please note: If you hired the MPhosting service (hosting the program and databases in the cloud) you don't need to install the program. The MPsoftware team is responsible for the installation and activation of your license for use in the cloud. Click here for instructions.

Step 1. Download the installation file MPConsultasetup.exe

Download MPConsultasetup.exe

Step 2. Run the MPConsultasetup.exe file on each of the computers where you will be using the MP version 10 as a consultation-only user or technician and follow the instructions of the installation wizard.

At the end of the installation, the following shortcut will be created on the desktop.

Access to the program as a technical user or only consultation

To use this program you need pre-create a database from the MP or the Administrator of Bases and users. In this database, you must use the Technical user profiles and Only consult the assign user roles.

Step 1. Run the application "Técnicos y Consult v10".

Step 2. Select the option “Start using my databases.

Step 3. Click on the database you want to connect to.

Note: If the database you want to connect to does not appear in the access list, you must create one connection to an existing database.

Step 4. Enter your access credentials (User and password).

Note: This program allows access only to users with a technical profile and for consultation only. To use the program, make sure your database has users of this type.

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