What is non-routine work?

Non-routine jobs are maintenance activities that are not performed routinely, that is, occasional jobs that are not performed in a cyclical and repetitive manner.

By non-routine jobs it is understood that they are not repetitive, that is, they are carried out only once.

As a representative example of non-routine work, we can mention corrective work for the repair of faults or breakdowns. When a failure occurs in an equipment or some damage in the facilities, the maintenance manager must register the failure in the PM in order to generate the corresponding work order to proceed with its repair. The same happens with other non-routine jobs such as improvements, support jobs or even preventive jobs that are not necessarily routine.

In the Non-Routine Jobs module, the user can register new jobs, as well as edit and consult all previously registered non-routine jobs, whether it is corrective work, improvement, support work, preventive work, etc. that must be carried out to a piece of equipment or to a location. Non-routine works are maintenance activities that are not carried out routinely, that is, temporary work that is not carried out in a cyclical and repetitive manner.

Process for registering and attending non-routine work

Register and Edit a non-routine job

Non-routine jobs are registered in the Non-Routine Jobs module or from the Equipment and Locations modules, selecting the equipment (s) and locations and then executing the action from the Non-Routine Jobs submenu.

With the capture of the above information, the work is perfectly well documented and remain accessible for consultation at all times. In addition, all this information facilitates the administration of work orders and allows obtaining various maintenance indices (indexes?), knowing the types of equipment and the most recurrent types of failure, analyzing and graphing their types and their root causes, their impact, etc.

Generate work order for non-routine jobs

The user must register the non-routine work and either at that time or later, generate the corresponding work order.

When we add a non-routine work the PM asks if you want to generate the corresponding work order at that moment. However, if at the time of registering the work the user chooses not to generate one, they can do so later with the Generate work order tool found in the submenu of the Non-Routine Jobs module, or with the Generate WO tool in the module Jobs waiting to generate their work order.

When generating the WO, it goes to the Work Orders module for follow-up.

Sometimes there is the case of non-routine work that was carried out without having generated a previous work order, and however, for the purpose of documenting said work, we must register them in the MP. When registering a job that has already been done, you can indicate that the job has already been done. In these cases, the MP generates and closes the corresponding work order so that all work is documented with its corresponding work order.

In the "Status" column of the Non-Routine Jobs module, the PM tells us for each job if it is already contained in a work order, if the work has already been performed or if it is not yet included in a work order, indicating if the work is on time or behind schedule for the generation of your work order.

Use the filter tool of the Non-Routine Jobs module to check jobs that are overdue, on time, in WO and / or completed.

In case you need to edit a non-routine job, select the job and press the Edit tool of the Non-Routine Jobs module, taking into account that the jobs that are already in a work order cannot be edited. If necessary, you can cancel the work order in the Work Orders module, re-edit the work and later generate your work order again.

To cancel a non-routine job that is not yet contained in a work order, select it and click the Cancel tool in the Non-Routine Jobs module. As in the previous case, non-routine jobs that are on a work order cannot be canceled. If necessary, you must first cancel the work order in the Work Orders module and then you can cancel the work in the Non-Routine Jobs module. When a non-routine job is canceled, it is registered in the PM as canceled and can be consulted at any time using the filter tool on the toolbar. In the event of a registration error when adding a non-routine job, the user will be able to remove it from their database. To delete a non-routine job you must select it, cancel it and then press the delete tool on the toolbar.

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