What is a consumption?

Resource consumption is the documentation on the resources that have been used to perform maintenance work including spare parts, labor and external services. Then, for each maintenance activity carried out, the user will be able to indicate what resources, external services and time of maintenance personnel were needed for its execution.

Please note: To record the consumption of spare parts and consumables, it is necessary to first make the MP link with the spare parts inventory program that is included in the professional and business version.

Add consumption of spare parts

Consumption of spare parts is the documentation on the spare parts that have been used to carry out maintenance work. In the MP, the consumption of any spare part in the spare parts inventory catalog or of the spare parts contained in the warehouse vouchers can be registered, or a spare part that is not cataloged can be registered.

Consumption of spare parts must be related to maintenance activities. This is why the spare parts used in the equipment or maintenance activities are recorded within the generated work orders.

Once the consumption record has been made, the information can be consulted in a consolidated way in the spare parts and services consumption module.

The MP functionality allows you to record the consumption of spare parts from two modules:

Add consumptions from the spare parts and services consumption module:
When entering the module select the add tool found on the toolbar.

Add a consumption

Add consumption from the work order consumption module
When updating a work order, select the consumption tab and select the add tool from the toolbar.

Add a consumption

In both cases, the window for recording consumption is entered.

Record consumption

In the window to register consumption, a screen is displayed where the necessary information is entered to register the spare parts and consumables that were used in the maintenance activities.

Add a consumption

You must select the information from the maintenance activities where the materials were used; folio of the work order and activities or equipment.

Once the work order information has been selected, use the screen to search for the part using its description or code and indicate the quantity consumed. Pressing the plus sign adds the part to the list and you can continue adding more parts.

You can also add spare parts that are not in the inventory catalog. Enter the product description in the spare part column and the MP will automatically detect that it is an unlisted part. A new window will open to enter the information of the non-cataloged part, consumption type, description, supplier, unit and cost.

Warehouse voucher consumption

The consumption of the warehouse vouchers is carried out in an agile way in the MP since at the time of recording the consumption the spare parts are registered automatically without having to recapture the spare parts.

Once the warehouse vouchers have been generated and supplied, the spare parts that were used in carrying out maintenance activities must be recorded. Warehouse vouchers can be consumed in whole or part of the spare parts they contain.

Within the warehouse vouchers module you can consult in detail the content of the vouchers, assorted and consumed spare parts.

The registration of the consumption of warehouse vouchers can be done from different places:

From the spare parts and services consumption module:
Select Consume is worth from the toolbar
From the warehouse vouchers module:
Select an assorted voucher and press the Consume is worth from the toolbar
From the Work Orders module
When updating the work order select the consumption tab >> consume voucher

In any of the above cases, a new window will open in the program where the warehouse vouchers that have been generated and stocked in the MP are displayed.

Make the consumption of a voucher

You will need to select the ticket that contains the spare parts you used to perform maintenance activities and press the consume tool found on the toolbar. The parts included in the warehouse voucher will be displayed and you can mark the entire voucher as consumed or you can select the used parts.

In the event that the total quantity of a requested spare part is not consumed, the quantity of the spare part must be modified in the lower mesh. For example: suppose that you ordered four spark plugs in the warehouse voucher for the service of an engine but only used one, in the lower screen you will have to find the part by its description or code and indicate the quantity that was used.

Once finished, press accept and the spare parts consumed are registered in the MP.

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