What are scheduled resources?

They are called scheduled resources, because we can anticipate and schedule the date when they will be used, as well as the quantities that we will require of each resource in a given week, month or year.

All this based on scheduled maintenance.

For example, suppose that to perform major maintenance on a car you need to change the air filter and perform an oil change among other activities; Then, to the major maintenance activity that is carried out for example every year, you must then associate an air filter and x liters of oil as spare parts and consumables linked to the major maintenance activity. In this way you can schedule when you will require these resources.

Associate spare parts, tools, labor and external services to the routine maintenance activities of the equipment

The association of spare parts, tools, labor and external services to the routine maintenance activities of the equipment is useful and necessary to:

- Document all the resources that will be needed to carry out a maintenance activity on a team.

- Generate the flow of resources considering scheduled maintenance.

- Issue warehouse vouchers automatically when generating work orders.

- Calculate and schedule the supply of spare parts just in time considering scheduled maintenance.

It is important to highlight that the team must have a maintenance plan linked to be able to assign resources to the team's activities.

Please note: You can add multiple resources from different catalogs to the same activity and assign the resources to multiple maintenance activities.

Use the information panel to view the spare parts associated with a computer.

From the module information panel Equipment You will be able to consult the resources associated with the team.

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