Introduction to upcoming routine maintenance

The date of the next maintenance is calculated by the PM based on the date of the last maintenance that we have registered and the frequency with which activity must be performed.



(Calculated by the MP)
MOTOR / BELT AND PULLEYS CHECK, TENSION AND ALIGN April 17 2015 Every 6 months 17 October 2015

In the module Upcoming routinary maintenance You can check the dates or readings of the next maintenance of all the equipment or locations linked to a maintenance plan.

Open the information panel to view the detail of the calculation of the next routine maintenance.

In this module, you can also generate work orders, advance or postpone activities, set dates and record activities carried out without a work order.

It is important to know that a delay or advance in the date of completion of maintenance work generates automatic adjustments in subsequent maintenance dates.

However, if you do not want the dates of the next maintenance to be out of date or run by delays or advances in carryng out activities, use the tool Fixed Datesto indicate that you want to force a certain fixed day to occur. This tool is in the module  Upcoming routine maintenance.

In the case of activities controlled by the reading regime, at edit the activity, the user can also indicate to the PM that he wishes to force it to be performed in exact multiples.

Initial routinary maintenance

When we start the routine maintenance scheduled on an equipment, the system doesn't have a record of the last performed maintenance, which leads us to manually indicate the date of the last known maintenance. Starting from that date, the MP will automatically calculate the date of the next maintenance.

According to the start date or reading, the programming of each of the routine maintenance activities will begin.


Please note:By default, the MP sets as start date when the equipment binds with its maintenance plan takes place.

Start date set by default when binding the plan.
First scheduled maintenance.
Forecast of upcoming maintenance.

Edit initial routine maintenance

If the user knows the date or reading when the maintenance was last performed, through the submenu Initial routinary maintenance; you can indicate a different starting date or reading for each activity. 

Start dates set by the user (last maintenance).
First scheduled maintenance.
Forecast of upcoming maintenance.

There is also the possibility that the user wants to manually set a date for the first scheduled maintenance. In the same way through the submenu Initial routinary maintenanceYou can manually edit the date of the first scheduled maintenance. In this case, the PM will only establish the start date as a reference so that the first scheduled maintenance will be set by the user. 

Start date (calculated for reference only).
First scheduled maintenance set manually by the user.
Forecast of upcoming maintenance.

In the window "Edit and confirm initial maintenance" the PM enables editing directly in the information grid. This allows you to select several cells and set the same date to the selection using the tool Assign the same value.

Initial routine maintenance feasible to modify

The edition of the start dates or readings is done only once when starting the maintenance scheduling of an equipment. Once initial maintenance or start-up dates have been approved, this process is no longer performed.

Once an activity is included in a work order, it will be no longer modifiable its initial maintenance or start dates.

The column feasible to modify   tells the user about the activities that haven't been included yet in a work order and therefore you can edit their initial maintenance or start dates.

Indicates that one or more initial maintenance can be edited.
Indicates that initial maintenance cannot be edited.

Maintenance schedules

The maintenance calendars graphically show the maintenance work schedule, indicating the dates when such work must be carried out. Every time the user reports to the PM about a routine work performed, the PM reschedules the next date when it must be done again, automatically adjusting the maintenance schedules.

From the Equipment module we can consult the maintenance schedules of the equipment selected in the grid, using the action of the submenu Maintenance schedules. This action is also available in the localization catalog.

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