About the link between Tool Control and PM

Tool Control is a very useful application for those in charge of the tool store, just as the spare parts inventory would be impractical to have it embedded within the MP Maintenance Management program.

Since most companies tool stores are operated by personnel independent of the personnel who administer and perform maintenance work, it would also be impractical for storekeepers to have to enter the MP Maintenance Management application to carry out right there, all the management of safeguards and tool returns.

Therefore, it is important to understand that this application is focused specifically for the personnel in charge of the tool warehouse to make all kinds of movements of inputs and outputs of tools, movements of protection and return of tools, control stocks in the warehouse and in guard, etc.

Check the availability of tools from the MP

Notwithstanding the separation between Tool Control and the MP Maintenance Management application, both are linked and interact with each other, so that the maintenance personnel can consult from the Maintenance Management application before carrying out maintenance work. The information that you are interested in knowing, such as availability of tools, in which warehouse are the tools, who has the tool in storage, if there is any special tool to perform certain maintenance activities, etc.

To carry out this procedure it is necessary to have previously created your PM and Tool Control databases

League of PM and Tool Control databases (from PM)

Maintenance personnel need to check the availability and existence of the tools necessary to carry out maintenance work. The connection between the MP Maintenance Management application and the Tool Control application allows information to be shared between the two to:

  • Check from the MP the availability of tools to carry out maintenance work.
  • Assign tools to maintenance activities.

Steps to link the PM databases with a Tool Control application store:

The connection between the PM and Tool Control only allows each PM database to be linked to a specific tool store, instead, several PM databases can be linked to the same store.

Link the Tool Control database with the PM database (from Tool Control)

As we mentioned, a tool magazine can be linked to more than one Maintenance Management database, so it is necessary to link each of the PM databases from the Tool Control application.

Steps to link warehouses from the Tool Control database to a PM database:

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