What is a maintenance request?

Every time a person detects a failure or breakdown in the equipment or facilities, they can send a maintenance request for it to be repaired.

Where can I generate or report maintenance requests from?

Maintenance requests can be submitted from desktop computers or mobile devices.

To do this, you must have the applications included in the MP version 10 suite installed on your desktop computers or mobile devices:

  • Request Manager (Desktop Computers)
  • Request Reporter (Desktop Computers)
  • App MP applications (Android / iOS mobile devices)

Where do maintenance requests go?

The maintenance requests generated from the Request Reporter or the MP requests app are concentrated in a request database that is managed with a program called Request manager. This program is installed on your computer when you complete the installation of the MP suite version 10.

Every time a person reports a maintenance request, maintenance managers receive a notification telling them what jobs the staff requires. The administrator, for his part, is the one who decides whether or not the maintenance request proceeds to be sent to the MP Maintenance Management program.

On the other hand, people who make a request will be able to consult from the applications from where they sent their request the status it saves, that is, if the request has already been read, the scheduled date to carry out the work, if the work has already been done, if your application was denied, etc.

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