Warehouse vouchers

Warehouse voucher generation


From the MP it is possible to generate the warehouse vouchers with the spare parts and consumables that will be used for the execution of work orders. Warehouse vouchers can be generated manually or automatically.

Generation of vouchers automatically.

When resources are associated with routine maintenance activities, vouchers can be generated automatically. Hence one of the advantages of having resources associated with routine activities.

Automatic generation is done at the time of generating the work order by selecting the option to "automatically generate vouchers." . In this way, along with the work order, the necessary documentation will be included to carry out the assortment of spare parts by the warehouse.

Please note: After creating the voucher, you must enter the warehouse voucher module to request the voucher from the warehouse.

Generation of vouchers from the MP.

At any time, warehouse vouchers can be generated by maintenance personnel from the MP. This allows you to order spare parts from the warehouse for maintenance activities without assigned resources, non-routine maintenance, or order spare parts for any work order.

Warehouse vouchers are related to maintenance activities so they will always be linked to a work order.

To generate a new warehouse voucher, enter the warehouse vouchers module and select the add tool found on the toolbar. A window will open where you must enter the information of the work order with which the ticket will be associated (number of OT, equipment and activity).

Then add the spare parts required to perform maintenance activities from the list of resources (select the green arrow to add the spare parts to the list of requested resources). At the end, the MP will show a summary of the spare parts included in the warehouse voucher where you can also check the current existence of the spare parts in the warehouse.

Please note: After creating the voucher, you must enter the warehouse voucher module to request the voucher from the warehouse.

Request vouchers from the warehouse

Warehouse vouchers must be requested from the warehouse after they have been created. Requesting a voucher from the warehouse confirms the voucher information and transfers it to the inventory program to begin the fulfillment process for the warehouse.

In the warehouse vouchers module, the status column shows the vouchers that are pending to be requested. To order from the warehouse, select the voucher and select the “request from warehouse” tool found on the toolbar.

Warehouse voucher statuses

The ticket was generated but not confirmed and therefore not transferred to the spare parts inventory program. At this time the voucher can be edited and deleted.
This voucher has already been transferred to the parts inventory but the parts contained therein have not been released to maintenance personnel.
The content of the voucher has been partially or totally delivered. From this moment on, the vouchers can be consumed within the different modules.
The spare parts contained in the voucher have been recorded as consumed in whole or in part in the different equipment and / or maintenance activities.
When a maintenance ticket is finished working it is recorded as closed. At any time you can open the voucher again and continue to make purchases within it.

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