Warehouse management, initial values ​​and availability

Starting stocks, starting costs and tool location when managing multi-warehouses

The stocks and initial costs of a tool are variable in each warehouse as well as its location.

The registration of stocks and initial costs is the process with which the user indicates the initial situation of their inventory in order to start working and generate entry and exit movements, receipt movements and returns, to be able to make inquiries with the updated values .

The versatility of the tool control system of the MP version 10 suite allows you to record your initial stock when creating tools and warehouses, or later allows you to edit the initial stock, initial cost and location of the tools individually or in bulk. in the different warehouses.

Also for ease and agility in the implementation of the tool control system, the user can start working with the tools whose initial values ​​have been captured, thus avoiding having to capture the initial values ​​of all the tools to start use the system. It is important to note that once a movement has been carried out with a tool, modifications of the initial records (initial existence and initial cost) of that tool cannot be made in the warehouse where the movement was made.

The initial stock registration can be done from the module Tools and from the module Warehouses.

From the Tools module they can register the initial stocks of the tools in each of the warehouses; On the other hand, in the Warehouses module, the initial existence of the tools contained in the selected warehouse is recorded.

To capture the initial values ​​of your tools from the module Tools and select from the submenu Warehouses and opening stocks.

To capture stocks from the module Warehouses enter this module, select a warehouse if you have multi-warehouses and then select the tool or tools you want to edit, then select the action Tools and starting stocks found in the module's submenu.

In both cases, multiple editing will be enabled on the mesh to record the information. This mesh allows you to select the tools that are in the warehouse by marking the selection box, modify the initial stock and modify the initial cost of the selected tools. It is important to note that it is not possible to modify the initial values ​​of the tools for which a movement has been generated and therefore the movement symbol will be marked.

Please note: The tool only locks in the magazine from where the exit or entry movement was generated.

Warehouse location

The tool control system allows documenting the place where the tool is physically located within the warehouse (eg corridor, shelf or level), thereby facilitating its location at the time of safeguarding.

Like stocks and initial costs, the location of spare parts in warehouses can be edited from the Spare Parts and Consumables module, as well as from the Warehouse module.

To indicate the location of the spare parts, select the spare parts on the mesh and then select the Locations action from the submenu.

In both cases, a modifiable mesh will be opened with the location field to capture the location of the tools in the warehouse (s). This location can be modified at any time.

Editing locations window seen from the warehouse module

Location editing window seen from the tools module

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