Add a spare

To register a new part, press Add on the toolbar. A screen will open with the fields for capturing and additional information for the part you want to add to your catalog. In this way, it is possible to have an easily accessible catalog with all the information related to each spare part.

You will be able to document the replacement with: Description, Part Number, Unit of Measure, Ratings, Specifications, Images, and Attachments. You can also indicate the equivalent brands of the spare, as well as the warehouses in which the spare is active. For more information Click here.

When you add a part to the catalog, it is active in all the vaults you have created. If you want to deactivate it from a specific store, you can do it in the tab "Warehouses“, Marking and unmarking the products handled by each warehouse.

Add another equal

This tool is very useful when you need to capture several spare parts with similar characteristics. It is necessary to modify the part number as it is a unique and unrepeatable field for each part.

Edit a part

To modify the information of a part select the part from the parts catalog and press the tool Edit

Delete a spare

To remove a part from the parts catalog, select the part and press the tool Eliminate. You cannot delete a spare that is in stock in some warehouse.

Multiple edition of spare parts

The tool Edit selection allows modifying the information of several spare parts in a mesh, thus achieving a much more agile editing of multiple records, compared to individual editing. For a better understanding of this tool, we highly recommend watching the video.

In the window "Multiple spare parts edition" the MP enables the edition directly in the information grid. This allows you to select multiple cells and set, for example, the same unit to the selection using the tool Assign the same value.

Use the tool Serialize values when you need to generate consecutive values ​​(eg 001, 002, 003, etc.). You can also set an alphanumeric prefix and / or suffix for these values. This tool is enabled only when you select cells in the part number column.

Barcode label printing

When registering a part in the catalog, the user assigns a part number or part code, the parts inventory program generates a barcode based on it and allows you to generate and print labels. The use of barcode labels serves to facilitate the process of searching for resources and speed up the generation of vouchers, movements, and consumptions.

Suppose, for example, that we want to barcode a certain part for easy identification.

We select the spare part and in the toolbar we click on "Print label". From this module we can print all the labels we want, stick them to the spare part in order to leave our spare parts well documented in the warehouse. Later, with a barcode reader, we can quickly locate any spare part if we have them properly labeled.

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