What is the labor log?

In the labor log, workers record the time invested in each work order, in which equipment and in which activities.

The idea is that every day the workers enter the log and record the time they devoted to carrying out the work contained in the different work orders that were entrusted to them.

The above is a way of justifying day by day in which activities they dedicated the time of their working day, thus allowing the maintenance administrator to verify that the workers are complying with their working hours and comparatively evaluate their efficiency.

Later, this will also allow an analysis to be made to compare the estimated time to carry out the activities (Registered in the maintenance plans) vs. the actual time consumed in its realization. If differences are detected, it will be up to the administrator to adjust the estimated times in the maintenance plans.

The recording of times in the labor log will also allow the maintenance manager to see if the jobs have been carried out in normal time, holidays or overtime.

Record times invested in each OT

Before registering the times invested per worker in each OT, it is necessary to have created the labor catalog to have the workers registered in the MP.

Select the module Labor Log from the main menu to start recording the time workers spend on different work orders.

When entering the module Labor Log In the main menu there is a list with all the labor records used in the different OTs.

To add a new record, select Add from the Toolbar and then select the worker name of the combo that contains the list of workers.

The following indicates the date, the work order and the time invested in the OT. Field referencia It allows us to specify in which team and / or if we wanted to be more specific in which OT activities the time was consumed.

Use the filter options to limit the list to a specific search, for example, by worker, by OT, by date range, etc.

Workforce Log History by Employee

In the submenu Workforce history of the module Workforce You will also be able to consult the workforce log of a specific employee.

Graph for the analysis of the labor log

The times recorded in the log are totaled and shown in the graph Labor analysis, allowing to know the sum of man hours invested per employee in a period of time, as well as the number of work orders executed by each worker.

You will be able to check in the graph if the time invested was carried out during normal hours, on holidays or if overtime was used.

Select the module Information analysis. Later the tab Labor analysis and press the button Graph.

Deviation in times of routine activities

As mentioned above, the labor log will also allow us to do an analysis to compare the estimated time stipulated in the maintenance plans vs. the actual time consumed in its realization.

It will also allow you to compare the time it took different employees to perform the same routine maintenance activity.

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