Consultation of the total value of the warehouse

The resource inventory program calculates the value of your warehouse considering the current inventory and cost records that have been entered into the program (initial cost and the cost recorded in the movements).

Within the configuration options of the spare parts inventory program, the user can choose the type of costing that he wishes to use to calculate the warehouse value.

The program allows you to value the Inventory by any of the following methods:




By default, the valuation is performed by the average method.

The query of the warehouse value independently is available in the warehouse module within the amount column.

Consultation of the value of all warehouses in a consolidated way is available from the module's records Entry and exit movements

Warehouse comparison

When using Multi-warehouses, it is very useful to be able to compare the information of the different warehouses. The comparison of warehouses is a tool that allows to observe in a consolidated mesh, all the relevant information of the warehouses, including: the stock of spare parts, amounts, movements, locations, etc.

The tool Comparison of warehouses is found in the submenu of the warehouses module.

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