Inventory, supply and requisition levels

Supply and requisitions


Generation of requisitions

From the Supply module, we can select one or more spare parts for which we need or want to place a purchase order. The Spare Parts Inventory does not place the purchase orders directly with the suppliers, but rather generates a requisition so that the corresponding purchasing department is in charge of making the purchase directly with the supplier. It is the task of the purchasing department to select the best supplier, whether by price, delivery time, quality, having stocks, etc.

The Inventory of Spare Parts, as we make requisitions, will show us the quantity we have on order. As spare parts enter the warehouse, these quantities will decrease.

To prepare a requisition you must select one or more spare parts and click on the action Generate requisition from the submenu.

The program asks if we want to generate a requisition semi-automatically, that is, if we want the program to pre-calculate the quantities that we are going to need to order so that the stocks reach, either at their minimum level, at the optimum level at their maximum level , or, if we want to start from a blank requisition. In all cases, the amounts can be adjusted manually.

Take into account that the program considers the quantities that we already have on order, and that it will not allow us to ask for more than what is required to reach the maximum level, so that we never exceed that level.

Once we edit the quantities for each refill, click the button OK.

Click the Consult requisition button in the submenu to view the requisitions that have been generated. There you can also cancel the requisitions that you do not want.

Adjustment of quantities on order

It is possible to adjust the quantities that are on order. This may be necessary when, for example, the purchasing department cannot buy the requested quantity, when a partial purchase is made and the rest is canceled, when the supplier does not deliver the requested quantity and the rest is canceled, etc. In these cases, we may be in contact with the purchasing department and they will inform us if the quantities we have on order are still valid or if we need to make any correction.

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