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Conectividad CMMS How to make a Backup of the Requests Manager Database (Requests.MDB)?

The database where the requests reported by users (Requests.MDB) are stored is independent of the rest of the MP databases (* .m91), which means that this module can be installed either in the same computer where you installed the MP (network or single-user) or in any other computer within the same network or even on an Internet server. For these reasons, the database Requests.MDB is not available to make a backup through the database administrator and users, we recommend to do the following to make a backup of the database.

Procedure to backup the Database Requests.mdb

  • Run the Requests Manager. (Start Button > All Programs > MPsoftware > Requests Manager).
  • Find in the login screen of the Requests Manager application the route where the database Requests.MDB is located.
  • (Eg. C:\MPSoftSv\BasesMDB\requests.mdb, \\ServerName\MPSoftSv\BasesMDB\requests.mdb or

    i. If the installation of Requests Service are made locally or in the company network (Intranet) go to the folder where you are located database. (e.g. C:\MPSoftSv\BasesMDB or \\ServerName\MPSoftSv\BasesMDB)

    ii. If the installation of Requests Service program was performed in your company web server (Internet) ask assistance to the systems staff of your company or the service provider of the web hosting.

  • Copy the file Requests.MDB to a secure location and edit your name to identify it.


  • To identify the backup versions add the date of the copy to the name of each file is made.
  • Keep your backups in locations intended for this. (External storage units or other equipment)

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