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MPsoftware - Technical Support What is the Databases and Users Manager of the MP?

The Databases and Users Manager is a program to allow create, administrate and Databases maintenance for the programs: MP ver. 8 (optional), MP ver. 9, Spare Parts Inventory and Tools Tracker as well as administrate the user accounts and their security levels to allow execute actions inside of the programs.

When you require perform tasks with administration and maintenance of your databases, we strongly recommend ask help to the Systems Department of your company.

Databases and Users tools

Add or Change Database

This function allows create a Database of the programs: MP ver. 8 (optional), MP ver. 9, Spare Parts Inventory or Tools Tracker. Also allows to choose each of the existing databases.

Define Database parameters

Allow store transactions enabling the register of the editions over the database (which user performed, which information was modify and at what time was performed), also make a user reminder to backup the database in a specific day, in order to MP version 9 ask to the user execute a Database backup.

View the Transactions Log

You can view the register of the database modifications made.

Managers and Users

From this Menu user accounts are administrated in order to allow the proper access to the differents functions of the MP version 9 program.

  • Administrators: Are user Accounts with control privileges over the database and is not possible modify their permissions or restrictions.
  • Groups: This is a Label to assign permissions or restrictions, all users under this tag will take the set up that you have been configured.
  • Users: Are standard user accounts with customizable security levels.
Compact and Repair the Database

The utility Compact and Repair Databases is a tool to provide maintenance to your Databases of the MP version 9 Modules, in most cases we recommend execute this action in a regular way over your databases in order to warranty their integrity and the correct functionality. This utility helps to correct and prevent problems that might arise in your databases.

When a Database is growing up, the information contained in your the database might affect the Performance due to the amount of temporary files were generated inside, some times this Temporary Files are keep inside of the database despite they don't have any relevance, when you compact and repair a database the internal space is reaccommodated in a efficent way inside of the database.


We recommend make a Databases Backup regularly.

Purge Historical Data

The Historical Data Depuration of the Databases and Users Manager, deletes all information between the date that you are indicated and the database creation date. For Example: if the database was created on April 2013 and you selected December 31st 2013 as deletion date, all information located in the range from April 2013 and December 31st 201, will be deleted, so the information from Jan 01st 2014 until today will be conserved into the database.

Unlock Database

This tool is used to unlock the database users when a connection issue has interrupted the communication with the database or the interrumption happened during the Database Read/Write process.

Convert database to another database management system (DBMS)

This tool is used to convert from MS Access Database to MS-SQL or Oracle Database, in the same way with the other 2 management systems. If you want to make the conversion is necessary specify the server name of your databases, authentication and name of the destination database, the source database will keep with out any modification.

Backup Database

This tool is helpful to perform backup of the databases of the program that you has selected (MP ver. 9., Spare Parts Inventory or Tools tracker) in a Zip file, By default the Zip file is saved in the path C:\MPsoft\Backup.

Restore Database

This tool is helpful to restore or retrieve the databases of the program that is open, MP ver. 9, Spare Parts Inventory or Tools Tracker. Click option Restore Database and select the Zip file containing the backup of your databases, this allows you have a preview of the databases contained into the Zip File.


This utility allows print the reports generated from the Databases and Users Manager, for example the Users and Administrator List or the Transactions Log.

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