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MPsoftware - Technical Support Why a Database was damaged?

There are three main causes that a Database Files were Damaged:

The Database is marked as suspected or damaged due to an interrpution in the write transactions

If the Database is open and an interruption occurs during the transaction writing process in an abnormal way, the Database Engine could mark the file as suspectious(suspected? suspicius? suspect?) or damaged. This situation may happen if the system is turn off in an unexpected way, if a cut of energy occurs or if the process is terminated through the Windows Task Manager.

Network Hardware Failures or unappropriated Network setup

The damages due to the network hardware would be recurrent until the failure is fixed or the component have been replaced. An unappropriated Network setup could cause a serious problem, the Server and the Clients communications could be affected due to Network intermittence.

Open and save Database Files in other programs.

Databases are damaged when they are open using an unappropriated program with no revert. For example you can open a MS Access Database using MS Word so there is no way to see clearly the database information,you will see special characters unreadable.

The only way to solve this case is retrieve a file back up or a copy of this file.

You can prevent the Database damages considering the next advices:
  • Avoid a Energy blackout during File's the write process.
  • Make sure the connectivity between the Communication Data Devices and the Workstations in order to avoid some service interruptions.
  • Avoid abnormal session closures, for example electric blackouts, manual closures or closing tasks using the Windows Tasks Manager, etc.
  • Make backups frequently and perform a Database Maintenance, this job could be made with IT personnel assistance.

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