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Conectividad CMMS How to enable the Reminder to make Backup of the MP Databases?

The Databases of MP version 9, Spare Parts Inventory and Tools Tracker contains transactions which constantly are updated, by themselves have one of the highest values for your company. We recommend make a backup of your information periodically. To facilitate this task, you can set a reminder using the Databases and Users Manager program, which will alert you to make a backup of your databases.

Procedure to enable the backup Reminder

  • Run the Databases and Users Manager. (Start Button > All Programs > MPsoftware > Databases and Users Manager).
  • The window Select Application will appear. Click at the correspondent application according the database that you want to backup. For this example is MP ver. 9 and then click Accept.
  • Select the Access to the Database that you want to backup (e.g. ACCESS TO SAMPLES) and click Accept
  • NOTE: If the database is protected by password please provide it.

  • Click File menu and select the Define database parameters... option.
  • In the settings window Define Database Parameters... enable the check box named Remind me to backup database every __ days and select the number of days desired. Click Accept to save settings.
  • With this option enabled, every time you run the MP version 9 program, it will ask (depending on number of days) if you want to generate a new backup the databases.

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