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MPsoftware What is the Requests Service?

The Requests Service is part of the Maintenance Requests module and their main function is enable the Web site where the users report maintenance requests. This Website will allow to the user make the Requests follow up and consult their previous reports and send advises of his requests via email.

There are 2 ways of installing this service

Locally on the company network (Intranet).

This service is installed locally in either computer inside the Network. Intranet is a computers Network to be used exclusively inside of a company.

This kind of Network would be able to connect or not to Internet. Serve to share resources between computers. Only the workstations inside this Network could be access to the Requests Service Website.

On the company Internet server.

If your company have a domain over Internet (e.g. www.mycompany.com), you can install this Service through Microsoft IIS Service in the Webserver of your company. This process must be supervised by the IT personnel or your Web hosting provider. From any equipment with Internet connection will access to the Requests Service Web site.

To use this service you must first install and setup.

Once the user has reported a Maintenance Request through the Website, this request is recieved by the Requests Manager program.The operator of the Requests Manager program will be able to handle all Maintenance Requests and he would register them into MP version 9 program to be attended through a Work Order.

Request.MBD Database

The database where the requests reported by the users are stored (Requests.MDB) is completely independent from the databases managed by the MP (*.m91), which means that this module can be installed either on the same computer where the MP was installed (Network or Single-user) or at any other computer within the same network, or even on an Internet server.

For more details about the Requests Service and the Requests Manager program Set up, consult the Installation Manual

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