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MPsoftware DBs How to Create a Database of MS Access, MS SQL or Oracle using the MP programs?

A Database is Warehouse to store information in a structured way and it can be generated using diferent Databases Managers.

The MP version 9, Spare Parts Inventory and the Tools Tracker programs, can work with different Database Managers depending of the acquired version (see comparative table)

  Databases Handlers
MP version 9 check check check2
Spare Parts Inventory check check  
Tools Tracker check check1  

You can create Databases from each of the programs mentioned in the table or from the Databases and Users Manager program as is described in the procedures bellow:

  • Run the Databases and Users Manager Ver. 1. (Start Button > All Programs > MPsoftware > Databases and Users Manager Ver. 1).
  • From the Window named Select Application, choose the program in which you want create a database (e.g. MP ver. 9) and click Accept.
  • In the Window named Access, click Add....
  • Select the option Create a new database, then click Continue.
  • Select the Type of database: Access 2000, SQL Server or Oracle; then Click Continue.
  • Assign an Access Name and a Database Description, then click at Finalize.
Once the Database has been generated, you can use the Database through the Databases and Users Manager to make the appropiated configurations, like add a user, establish the Database Backup period an anothers Database setup.

1 The SQL Databases for the Tools Tracker program only can be created from the Databases and Users Manager of the MP.
2 The Oracle Client and ODAC components must be installed. Read the Procedure for Installing Oracle Database Client.

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