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MPsoftware How to link MP version 9 and Spare Parts Inventory Databases?

The link between the Spare Parts Inventory and MP version 9 Databases, allows:

  • Inquire the Spare Parts Inventory stock from the MP version 9.
  • Assign Spare Parts to the Preventive Maintenance activities.
  • Calculate the Supply in function of the maintenance schedules to acquire the Spare Parts just in time.
  • Generate automatically the Spare Parts Vouchers from MP version 9.
  • Flow the dispatch of the Warehouse's vouchers.
  • Register the Spare Parts consumption used for each equipment or location.

In order to create the Link, the user must indicate what is the Database of the MP version 9 required, to link it with the Spare Parts Inventory Database.

Linking the Spare Parts Inventory and MP version 9 Databases

  • Execute the Spare Parts Inventory. (Start Button > All Programs > MPsoftware > Spare Parts Inventory).
  • Select the Database that you want to link and click Accept.
  • Click Tools option located at the Menu bar and select the Link MP Databases... option.
  • Into the Link MP Database Window, will appear the links with other MP version 9 databases created before. If this window don't show anything, it means that there is no MP version 9 Databases linked to your Spare Parts Inventory Database.

  • In the case that you are using the Multi-Warehouse feature, a combo box named "Warehouse:" will show you a list of all the Warehouses that you have registered, select the Warehouse that you require to link with the MP version 9 Database. (e.g. Warehouse 1)
  • Click Add... to show the Add Link Window.
  • Click Select... to choose the Database Access of MP version 9 to link with the Spare Parts Inventory Database and click Accept.
  • (Optional) - Mark the check box named Yes, register the material resources in MP directly from the Spare Parts Inventory. if you want to track the consumption of materials and spare parts automatically.
  • (Optional) - Mark the check box named Include this link in the supply calculation if you want that the supply calculation, considers the materials used in the maintenance schedules.
  • The Window Add Link shows the path of the selected database.

    The ID is an internal control number created automatically to validate the Link between Spare Parts Inventory and MP version 9 Databases. If for any reason the databases were replaced for other one with the same name, the program will detect this situation and will alert that the link is not valid.

  • Click Accept to link the databases.
  • The Window named Link MP Database will show you the linked database.

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