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MPsoftware How to import from Excel spreadsheet to the Spare Parts Inventory Database?

In order to leverage the Importation tool to his maximum efficiency, is recommendable prepare the Excel sheet.

Preparing Excel Sheet

The Spare Parts Inventory has different columns to allocate your Inventory data, therefore will be necessary create this columns in the Excel File with the proper information, the name of the fields and the order of the columns could be the same but is not necessary, you can create a Excel Sheet with the Column name and place it as you want.

Example: If you don't have data for Last Cost, Maximum or Minimum Level, don't worry they are not necessaries, of course this information will appear in blank into Spare Parts Inventory Database once the importation process have been completed

The Columns: Part Number, Description and Measure Unit are mandatories. However you can customize the name of this columns.

Bellow you will find the Column names that the Spare Parts Inventory database use.

Column Var Type (Length) Obligated
Part number. Character (20) Yes
Description. Character (120) Yes
Unit. Character (8) Yes
Last Cost. Numérico No
Stock. Numérico No
Location. Character (20) No
Maximum Level. Numérico No
Minimum Level. Numérico No

In order to complete the Excel File preparation to import, this file must have XLS or XLSX extension, we recommend place all information in a one Excel sheet and without blank rows.

Importing data from the Excel File

Before you begin with the importation process, you should consider that the Spare Parts Inventory Database that you are using must be Blank, this process could execute only one time.

If you didn't create a database, see: How to create a Database of MS Access, MS SQL or Oracle using the MP programs?

  • Execute the Spare Parts Inventory (Start Button > All Programs > MPsoftware > Spare Parts Inventory)
  • Select the Database that you created to import your data and click at Accept.
  • Click Tools Menu then select the Import Data option
  • The Data import screen will open.
    • Select a Different Data Source option from the combo box with the text "Select the program that you want import the information:"
    • Select Excel 2000 or Excel 2007 from the combo box with the text "File Format to import:", XLS extensions for Excel 2000 or .XLSX for Excel 2007
    • Click on the button [...] and select the file to import. (e.g. C:/Projects/Shared/DataBase1.xls)
    • If the file is composed by several sheets, the option "Table to import" will be enable to select the sheet which the information will be taken. (e.g. Sheet 1$)

    • Click Continue.

    The Spare Parts Inventory field names will appear and beside you will see a combo box with the name of the columns of your Excel Data Sheet.

  • Match the column names of your Excel sheet with field name of the Spare Parts inventory database, once you have been complete this matching process, click Continue.
  • The fields marked with * are Mandatories.

  • Click Finish to begin with the importation process and wait until the process has been completed.

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