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MPsoftware How to link MP version 9 and Tools Tracker Databases?

The link between the Tools Tracker and MP version 9 Databases, allows:

  • Inquire the Tools Tracker stock from the MP version 9.
  • Assign Tools to the Preventive Maintenance activities.

In order to create the Link, the user must indicate what is the Database of the MP version 9 required, to link it with the Tools Tracker Database.

Linking the Tools Tracker and MP version 9 Databases

  • Execute the Tools Tracker. (Start Button > All Programs > MPsoftware > Tools Tracker v.1).
  • Select the Database that you to want link and click Accept.
  • Click Utilities option located at the Menu bar and select the Link MP database option.
  • Into the Link MP Database Window, will appear the links with other MP version 9 databases created before. If this window don't show anything, it means that there is no MP version 9 Databases linked to your Tools Tracker Database.

  • Click Add... to show the Add Link Window.
  • Click Select... to choose the Database Access of MP version 9 to link with the Tools Tracker Database and click Accept.
  • The Window Add Link shows the path of the selected database.

    The ID is an internal control number created automatically to validate the Link between Tools Tracker and MP version 9 Databases. If for any reason the databases were replaced for other one with the same name, the program will detect this situation and will alert that the link is not valid.

  • Click Accept to link the databases.
  • The Window named Link MP Database will show you the linked database.

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