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MPsoftware What is the Spare Parts Inventory program?

The Spare Parts Inventory program is powerful tool, to control the materials stock and Spare Parts, Input-Output Transactions, kardex, Inventory valuation using different methods, Supply, Providers, Purchase control, among others; in this program you can create the Spare Parts Catalog and consumables.

Basically, the Spare Parts Inventory program is controlled in a independent way regarding of the maintenance program, This feature will avoid that the responsible of the warehouse use the Maintenance Program to make Inventory operations.

However, the maintenance personnel requires to make a query from MPSoftware program, to check stock, costs, equivalent brands, product especifications or another queries for organizational job values. From MP version 9 program, the user will be able to see Existing parts and their costs. Although the inventory is a program independent to the MP version 9, the user can connect from the MP to the Inventory database to consult stock, automatically create output vouchers for the materials and determine the spare parts and consumables necessary to perform the different maintenance activities.

Spare Parts Inventory program, checks into the MP program the Spare Parts Supply with opportunity and just in time to make the the proper parts purchases to satisfy the resources assigned to Maintenance activities, this calculation is based on the current stock and the amount of resources assigned to Scheduled Activities.

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