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MPsoftware How to update the MP version 9?

To update your MP version 9 follow the next procedure.

Step 1

Download Updates and set up the MP Update Service program.
  • Execute the MP Update Service (Start Button > All Programs > MPsoftware > MP Update Service). If you can't see the MP Update Service screen, verify the icons on the Windows taskbar beside to the clock and double-click into the MPsoftware icon.

  • Update Service
  • Click Download the latest version of the MP programs, wait until the download process ends and make sure that it was finished correctly into the Downloads History.
  • This process will download the files of the last revision into the Updates folder. (e.g. C:\MPsoftSv\Updates or \\ServerName\MPsoftSv\Updates) , you can customize this path.

  • Enable the automatic downloads, marking the Active option.
  • When you enable this option the updates of the MP program will be downloaded automatically.

  • To save settings just close the window.

Step 2

Updates Installation
  • Open the MP Support Center program. (Start Button > All Programs > MPsoftware > Support Center).

  • Centro de soporte del MP

  • Select the Updates option.
  • Click Update MP Programs.
  • The update progress will be displayed until step 8 has been completed, showing the next message: Process finished successfully.
  • NOTE: If you have some problem during the update process, consult the Solution to technical Problems section in this site.

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