Maintenance plans and schedules


The planner is an action of the submenu of Equipment and Locations which generates a  detailed maintenance board modifiable by the user.

OK Indicates that the equipment has upcoming maintenance to be carried out on that day.

OK Indicates that the equipment has subsequent routine maintenance activities.

OK Indicates that the activity is the next to be performed (upcoming maintenance).

OK Indicates that the activity is subsequent and the date is calculated depending on when the next maintenance is carried out, therefore the marked date is tentative.

OK Indicates that there are activities with delay.

OK Indicates that the dates of the activities were adjusted by the user.

OK Indicates that the dates of the activities were adjusted by the user but the changes have not yet been saved.

Use the drag and drop tool to manually schedule the upcoming maintenance date.

Practical example. Suppose that a team is scheduled to carry out two activities a week and that these activities are slightly out of phase. That is, an activity was scheduled for today and another activity for the next day. With the planner we can move the date of these activities so that they coincide on the same day.

Use the filter tool to make the best use of the planner.

Practical example.Suppose that during the week we must carry out various activities on different days of the week and in different locations. Using the option  filter, we can filter by location and manually move the dates to organize the work so that on Monday work is done, for example, on the equipment located in the machine room, on Tuesday on the equipment located on the roof, etc. Thus making more efficient the work of maintenance personnel.

Use the forward / postpone tool to enable multiple editing of upcoming maintenance dates or readings.

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