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MPsoftware How to download the Updates of the MP version 9?

If you don't have installed or active the MP Update Service, this will:

  • Download the Updates.rar file with the last revision ( ), click here to download it now or download it from our downloads section of our website.
  • Find the Updates.rar file in your PC and unzip it.
  • Updates.rar is a compressed file that requires the installation of an application as WINRAR or WINZIP on your PC to open it.

  • Once the file has been uncompressed the UPDATES folder is created.
  • Enter to UPDATES folder and make sure that all files and folders exists as this image.
  • Stop the MP Update Service.
  • Go to the folder where the MP Update Service is installed (e.g. C:\MPsoftSv or \\ServerName\MPsoftSv). If you don't know where the MP Update Service is installed, ask for techical assistance to the IT department of your Company or read the Installation Manual.
  • Rename the Updates folder as Updates-old.
  • Copy the UPDATES folder (Generated on the step 3) and paste it at the folder: C:\MPsoftSv or \\ServerName\MPsoftSv folder

NOTE: If you have some problem during the update process, consult the Solution to technical Problems section in this site.

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