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MPsoftware - Technical Support What is the MP Support Center?

The Support Center is a MP tool and their main function is perform tasks to allow maintain updated and left it with the operating conditions appropiated all MP programs and applications.

The Support Center functions are:

  • Install the Updates of the MP version 9 programs, their applications and the DLL files of the MP.
  • Perform the proper Diagnostics to the MP configuration and Installation.
  • Change the language of the MP version 9 programs.
  • Inform about the Installed programs, applications and the Hasp Dongle.
  • Link with the Technical Support Website.

The main function of the button Update MP programs is install the MP programs updates in order to meet the proper conditions to operating. By default, the Support Center takes the updated files from the Updates Folder (C:\MPsoftSV\Updates), however this path is able to setup to determinate the path through the Network environment.

Note: The MP Update Service download from internet the files in the Folder (C:\MPsoftSV\Updates).

The MP version 9 DLL Files are an important part for his execution and they are placed in strategic locations of the operative system when a installation is performed.

In case that the DLL files are incompleted or damaged, the MP program could have an abnormal behaviour.

The Upadate all DLLs located in the Support Center, is used to update and make corrections if some errors are detected in all DLL files in order to the MP works properly.

Note: In order to Update all DLL's Files, you must be the computer Administrator.

The Configuration is used to setup the Updates Folder Path (where the updates available are) and allow the proper configuration of a Proxy Server and the Internet connection.

Note: In order to make a proper configuration into a network environment, you must setup all mp clients with the correct Updates folder path.

Technical Problems

The Diagnostics contains three options to verify the status of some configurations required to the proper execution of MP version 9.

  • Diagnostic - Folders and Files: Is used to verify the the permissions over the Windows Register and the MP's Folders and Files.
  • Diagnostic-Ports: Is used to verify the TCP and UDP Ports status required by HASP Key to maintain a proper operating conditions.
  • Diagnostic- MAC Address: Is used to know what is the computer's MAC.

The Open is used to provide Shortcuts to the MP installation Folders, Windows Register and the Sentinel HASP Admin Control Center.

The Send/Receive is used to send and receive files with the Technical Support Personnel. To use this button our Tech. Support representative will provide a code.

About the System

This feature will show you three Tabs:

  • Installed Programs: Informs you the type of License, version and What MP programs are installed in your computer. Also you can shift the Language(English,Spanish or Portuguese) of the MP version 9 Programs.
  • MP Software Applications: This Tab shows you a list of MPSoftware Applications with the details like file name, version and description.
  • HASP Dongle: This Tab shows you the Serial Number, ID ,type of Dongle MP version and the Licenses number placed into the HASP Key Dongle.
Technical Support Website

This Tab provide a link, to open a browser with the URL address of the Tech. Support Website.

The Requests Manager and the Requests Service of the MP are updated from their own windows and not from the Support Center since they are independent applications and they could be installed in other computer where the MP Software were not installed.

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