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MPsoftware - Technical Support What is MP version 9 program?

The MP is a professional Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS).

The MP will help you to organize all the information necessary for the maintenance department. We can say that the MP is a powerful tool which help you to:

  • Document in the MP all information related to your equipment and facilities, for example, plans, diagrams, specifications, localization, supplier data, etc.
  • Document maintenance plans or routines of each equipment, and automatically create maintenance schedules with the MP.
  • Get the proper information about of maintenance tasks to realize and once they have been performed, reschedule them to the next date according to the maintenance plans, in this way the maintenance calendars will be adjusted to automatically.
  • Automate and simplify the generation, control and follow-up of the work orders with the MP.
  • Maintain full control of the spare parts inventory and reduce inventory levels through the purchase of spare parts just as they are needed.
  • Keep all historical information related to works performed and used resources organized and available.
  • Generate a large number of reports, indexes and charts related to maintenance management.

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