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MPsoftware - Technical Support What is the Maintenance Request module?

Is a module of the MP version 9 that allows report maintenance jobs from any computer or mobile device with internet or local Network access, using an internet browser(e.g. Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc.) or from the MPmobile service.

Every time that some user reports a maintenance request, the maintenance administrators will receive an advise notifying them about the task reported or requested. By other side, the users reporting or requesting jobs, will be able to inquire their request status through an internet browser, in this inquire the user will be informed if the request was read, the schedule date to perform the job, if the job was performed, etc.

The Maintenance Requests module is conformed by:

Requests Manager

It is a MP program where they arrive maintenance requests, reported vía the MPmobile service or the web access to the Requests Service. This is where these requests are managed and may be sent to the MP version 9.

Requests Service

The Requests Services is part of the Maintenance Requests module and their main function is enable the Web site where the users report maintenance requests.


MPmobile is a Cloud-based service to report requests to the Maintenance Department from any location through any mobile devices with Android or iOS operative system and Internet connection.

Requests Notice (Alarms)

The Requests Notice program is a complement of the Request Manager program and their main function is show an alert on the screen at the moment that some user is reporting a maintenance request.

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