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Conectividad CMMS MPmobile

Send maintenance requests to CMMS - MP from your mobile device
What is MPmobile?

MPmobile is a cloud-based service that allows you to report maintenance requests from your mobile device.

When reporting a maintenance request from a mobile device with MPmobile, this request is registered on the MP software database, keeping the maintenance manager instantly informed on any request or eventuality. With MPmobile, if your mobile device has a built-in camera, then you can also attach a picture with the description of the failure or with the maintenance request.

On the other hand, when the maintenance manager marks the request as read, the person that made the request automatically receives a message confirming that their request was read by the maintenance manager. When the maintenance request is handled, MP automatically sends a message to the mobile device of the person that made the request, letting them know that the request was handled.

Which mobile devices does MPmobile support?

MPmobile supports most mobile devices, including: mobile phones, smartphones, Blackberry, Android, iPhone, iPad, tablets, netbooks, Windows Mobile, PDAs, Somin, and TonfunkMoPad.

Is an Internet connection needed to use MPmobile?

Yes. To use MPmobile, you must have Internet connection in order to send requests to the cloud and receive notices from the MP software regarding the status of each request. You must purchase Internet service for your mobile device from your mobile phone service provider.

How do I install the MPmobile service on my mobile device?

From the Google Play store (for Android OS devices) or AppStore (for iOS devices), search for the “MPmobile” application. A list with several applications will appear. Select the application with the icon MPmobile and click “Install.” Once MPmobile is installed on your mobile device, you must activate the service.

Does MPmobile support all MP versions?

MPmobile only supports Enterprise MP version 9, as only the Enterprise version has the platform to report maintenance requests via Internet.

If you have MP Basic o MP Professional, you must update your MP software to the Enterprise version to use MPmobile. For further information, consult an authorized distributor.

How do I activate the MPmobile service?

MPmobile service is activated through an annual subscription. The subscription cost varies according to the number of mobile devices you want to activate the service for.

For more information, consult the price list or contact the authorized distributor in your country.

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