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MPsoftware - Technical Support What is the HASP key dongle?

HASP (Hardware Against Software Piracy) key

It is a device that connects to the computer or server via USB port to administrate the access to the MP version 9 programs for Single User or Network installations.

Every time that a program of the MP version 9 is running in a Workstation itself will find the HASP device locally or inside of the network, when the program don't reach it or if the amount of licenses were take over, the access to execute MP program will be denied. The Hasp Dongle must be kept inserted into the USB port of the computer or the Server all the the time that the MP version 9 programs are being used.

NOTE: If you have installed the MP Programs Trials they don't need the HASP Key device, Once this programs were installed, an Access Code will be required. Contact to your nearest dealer or contact to Tecnica Aplicada Internacional S.A. de C.V. and provide the information required in the screen.

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