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MPsoftware - Technical Support What is the Sentinel HASP Admin Control Center?

This is a Web application to make the proper configurations and settings to allow the access to the MP version 9 program.

The main functions performed by the Sentinel HASP Admin control Center are described bellow:

  • Stablish the HASP Dongle in a Network environment. Sentinel Admin Control Center will make the proper settings in order to allow to other workstations use all MP programs.
  • Configure manually the Licences Administrator with the appropiate settings to provide the IP Address of the computer who has inserted the HASP USB device.
  • Self Diagnostic to verify the HASP Device status in real time.
  • Provide the HASP Devices installed information. This feature will show you all details of the HASP devices founded for example the amount of licences acquired, their IP addresses, Name of the computer where the HASP Devices are installed, User Sessions counter.
  • Update the V2C (Vendor to Customer) file provided by the Support or HASP device control departments of MP Software.

NOTE: The Sentinel Admin Control Center is added automatically when the HASP drivers are installed, also the available languages for this application are : Spanish, English, Simplified Chineese, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Russian.

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