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MPsoftware How to unlock a MP User Database?

To unlock a user database of the MP program, follow these steps:

  • Close the MP version 9 program in all workstations.
  • Execute the Databases and Users Manager. (Start Button > All Programs>MPsoftware > Databases and Users Manager).
  • The window named Select Application will appear, click at the application which contains the acccess to the database with the locked User. In this case MP ver. 9, and then click Accept.
  • Select the Database access which contains the locked user and click Accept.
  • NOTE: If the database is protectect by password, please provide it to continue.

  • Click File menu and then Unlock database.
  • Finally a message will appear, showing: The records locking was successfully removed, it means that the user has been unlocked.
  • Close the Databases and Users Manager program.
  • Execute MP versión 9 in the regular way and continue with your work.


If you are working into a Network environment, we recommend create additional user accounts from the Databases and Users Manager program to avoid user locks.

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