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Conectividad CMMS How to make a Database Backup?

A Backup of the Databases of the MP version 9 is a Safety copy made periodically with the objective to safeguard and warrant the availability of your information, for example in the case of an incident involving the loss of data.

The Databases and users Manager has the faculty to make backup of the databases like Access,SQL and Oracle. In order to ensure a trust backup, we recommend follow the described procedure bellow:

Procedure to make a Database Backup

  • Run the Databases and Users Manager. (Start Button > All Programs > MPsoftware > Databases and Users Manager).
  • Into the Select Application window, choose the correspondent program to the database that you want to backup in this case MP ver. 9 and then click Accept.
  • Select from the window named Access the Access to the Database that you want to make a backup of and then click Accept.
  • NOTE: If the database is protected by a password, you must provide it

  • Click File menu and then select the Backup Databases option.
  • The window of Backup Databases will appear, click Recover related databases and wait until the next message appears: Databases recovered successfully. Please continue... Then click Continue.
  • In the window, a Databases list will appear with the databases that are related to each other and which of them will be backed up, of the MP programs (MP version 9-Maint, Spare Parts Inventory-Inv and Tools Tracker-Tools). Click Continue.
  • Choose the path where the backup will be saved (e.g. C:\MPsoft\Backup) and enter the Backup file name (e.g. BACKUP_NAME). Then click on the Finalize.
  • When the process have been completed, the wizard will be closed automatically.

It's worth mentioning that in step two MP ver. 9 was selected because it is the main program and through of this option all linked Databases to the Database will be backed up with the database that you have chosen in the step three. If you want to make a backup only for one Database of the Spare Parts Inventory or the Tools Tracker then you should choose the program and the Databases corresponding to the steps two and three.

The Database backup of the Requests Manager (Requests.mdb), is not included in this process, because this file could be installed on a different computer where the MP program was installed. We recommend to backup the database (Requests.mdb) manually.

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