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MPsoftware How to install the MP in a different folder than the default?

Sometimes during the MP version 9 installation, would requires install the software in a different location instead the default Folder, also you can choice other partition of your hard disk, or other hard disk (e.g. D:\Mpsoftsv or C:\Programs\Mpsoftsv), this location is defined during the installation process.

NOTE: Due to MP make changes into the Installation Folder, is very important that the user have the privileges and grant the FULL CONTROL attribute at the folder, also is important to check that the folder does not have Read Only attribute.

In order to install MP Program in a different location instead Default location, follow the next steps:

  • Insert the installation Disk in the CD-ROM
  • Click MP version 9 Install Button.
  • When the Installation Wizard is ready, click Next.
  • Type the User name, Organization and click Next.
  • Click Change..., select the folder where you want make the installation and click Accept to save the changes, and click Next.
  • Select the kind of installation that you want, Full or Customized, and click Next.
  • When you select the Customized option, you should be able to select the components of the program that you want install.

  • Click Install and wait until the installation have been completed. (This process could take some minutes)
  • When the installation process ends, Click Finish.

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