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Soporte MPsoftware How to rehost the Sentinel HASP SL in other computer?

Follow this procedure in order to rehost the SENTINEL HASP SL from your current computer to other one. During the rehosting process you must not use the programs of the MP version 9.


For security reasons the rehosting procedure must be performed in the same day, otherwise the virtual key could get locked.


  • Accessibility to the computer where the virtual key will be rehosted.
  • Free access to the computer with the current virtual key already installed.
  • Internet access (this requirement is optional in case you need to download and install Java).


1.- On the recipient computer where the Sentinel HASP SL will be rehosted:
  • 1.1.- Run the MPsetupHASP_EN.exe file located in the installation CD of the MP programs, also is available from our downloads section in the website:

  • obtener C2V

  • 1.2.- Click Verify to check if the Java complement version 8 update 65 or higher is installed. It’s also possible to verify the installed Java version from menu Start>Control Panel>Programs and Features.
  • NOTE: We strongly recommend perform all the procedures with Internet Explorer 9 or superior.

    If the computer does not have the required version of the Java program, feel free to download it from the Java website www.java.com.

  • 1.3.- Click Install to begin the installation of the Sentinel HASP admin control center and its drivers to allow the communication to the SENTINEL HASP SL.

  • obtener C2V

  • 1.4.- Download and run the TAISA_RUS_EN.exe file (available from this link or from our download section in this website).
  • 1.5.- Click the Transfer License Tab.
  • 1.6.- Click [...] located in the right side of the text "Save recipient information to".
  • 1.7.- Name the file Recipient and assign a path where this file will be saved. Click Save.
  • 1.8.- Click Collect and Save Information.
  • 1.9.- Once the previous step has been completed a message of completion will be shown, click OK.
2.- On the computer where the source License of the SENTINEL HASP SL will be transferred.
  • 2.1.- Run TAISA_RUS_EN.exe.
  • 2.2.- Click the Transfer License Tab.
  • 2.3.- Select the SENTINEL HASP SL virtual key you want to rehost.
  • 2.4.- Click [...] located in the right side of the text "Read the recipient information file from".
  • 2.5.- State the path where the recipient.id was generated and click Open.
  • 2.6.- Click [...] located in the right side of the text "Generate the license transfer file to".
  • 2.7.- Name the file Source and specify the path were the file will be saved, click Save.
  • 2.8.- Click Generate License Transfer File.
  • 2.9.- A message will appear confirming the License number to move and the recipient computer name. Click Yes.
  • 2.10.- A new message will appear confirming the name and the location of the generated file click OK.
  • 2.11.- The SENTINEL HASP virtual key has been removed from the zone where the keys installed in the computer are displayed.

  • obtener C2V

3.- On the computer where the SENTINEL HASP SL will be transferred:
  • 3.1.- Run again TAISA_RUS_EN.exe.
  • 3.2.- Click the Apply License File Tab.
  • 3.3.- Click [...] located on the right side of the text Update File.
  • 3.4.- State the path of the source.h2h file generated previously and click Open.
  • 3.5.- A message will inform you about the SENTINEL HASP SL to be transferred to the recipient computer.

  • obtener C2V

  • 3.6.- Click Apply Update.
  • 3.7.- A message will inform that the license has been successfully transferred.

  • obtener C2V

  • 3.8.- Click the Transfer License Tab.
  • 3.9.- The current transferred license should be displayed in the installed keys section. (New SENTINEL HASP license server).

  • obtener C2V

  • 3.10.- Finally verify if you have completed correctly the rehosting process on the recipient computer. Browse http://localhost:1947, click Sentinel Keys and verify that the rehosted key exists.

  • obtener C2V

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